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& its consequences

At work, in schools and at home.

Psychoeducation is the only way out. 

Why Psychoeducation? 

Early life interactions play a key role in our brain development. Many of us experienced abuse or neglect (or both) as a child, and those experiences had a long-term impact on our physical and mental health, not to mention on our relationships, motivation, career, and finances. 

When exposed to unpredictable or threatening environments, our developing brains changed to adapt, helping us to cope (when nobody would). However, such adaptations brought us other struggles when we grew up, like hypervigilance, high levels of stress hormones, reduced resistance to frustration and rejection, lack of trust, difficulty with intimacy, besides addiction and compulsion, just to name a few.

Surviving childhood trauma can be very challenging, especially when you are not aware of how it limits your life. The only way to change this reality is learning about it, as much as we can. And committing, as a society, to use all means we have to prevent abuse.  Let's TALK about it.

1. Relationships

Survivors' romantic choices tend to repeat a pattern of familiarity from their childhood, when abuse and neglect were normalized. 

2. Self-regulation

Childhood trauma causes neurological changes that make survivors constantly hypervigilant and struggling emotionally.   

3. Transgenerational trauma

Chronic stress experienced by parents is passed on to their kids, impacting their physical and mental health.  

4. Repressed feelings

Unprocessed childhood trauma emerges later in life through mental suffering and health problems. 


Dr Alexandre Valverde

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist with over twenty years of clinical experience, Alexandre gives TALKS to Brazilian institutions on the damages of abusive relationships - and how to prevent and overcome them.   


Kika Salvi 

Journalist and Researcher specializing in scientific outreach, Kika shares her experience as a survivor of child sexual abuse and a researcher on childhood trauma in TALKS around Europe. 

Let's arrange a phone call to book a TALK at your school, university,

church, community or company. 

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